The mission of CC United Soccer Club is to foster, promote, and perpetuate the game of soccer for youth in the communities of Carver, Chanhassen, Chaska, Victoria and surrounding communities.

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iSoccer at CC United

Even though iSoccer scheduling stops at the U14 age group, this doesn't mean that players U15+ shouldn't participate in iSoccer! ALL U15+ AGE GROUPS SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN THE U14 BOYS/GIRLS iSOCCER SESSIONS!

IMPORTANT: The iSoccer program only works for your player if their scores are recorded after every session. This means we need YOU to register an account on the iSoccer website. It's VERY simple using the instructions below, and it takes less than five minutes to complete! After registering, please take a moment and read the rest of the information about the iSoccer program.

Players are encouraged to download the iSoccer mobile app and use it to enter scores during or soon after each session.

iSoccer Signup Instructions

Players without iSoccer accounts:

  1. Get your iSoccer Team Code from your coach/manager.
  2. Go to in your web or mobile browser. You should not create a new account from within the iSoccer mobile app. Use a web or mobile browser for this.
  3. Follow the signup steps and enter your Team Code when asked.
  4. Start playing iSoccer! See the "How to Play" section on the iSoccer website to learn more.

- OR -

Players/coaches already with iSoccer accounts:

  1. Get your iSoccer Team Code from your coach/manager.
  2. Go to in your web or mobile browser, and use your old Username/Password to sign in. If you forgot your password, click the "Forgot password?" link to recover it.
  3. Click the "Settings" button located in the upper right area of the page, and click "Join a Team".
  4. Enter your Team Code and click submit to join your team.
  5. Start playing iSoccer! See the "How to Play" section on the iSoccer website to learn more.

iSoccer FAQs

Q: Why is CC United doing iSoccer?
iSoccer is simply a way of presenting technical training. One of the problems with technical training is that it is frequently difficult for players to see the improvement they are making. iSoccer allows them to see the improvement as their scores go up. It also embraces how our kids communicate. iPhone and Android apps allow them to record and see their scores, communicate with their coach and teammates and watch iSoccer videos.

Additionally, many iSoccer drills can be done at home, before practice, waiting to get picked up, or any time you have a ball. Players can then go home and record their scores on the website, or right away using the iSoccer mobile app.
Q: My son/daughter doesn't like iSoccer!
Technical training is a key component in the development of any player. Professional teams still incorporate technical training into almost every training session. Much like teaching mathematics, not everything worth learning will be fun. Our hope is that many players will enjoy the challenge of trying to beat their own score or to work their way to the top score on their team and this will motivate them during iSoccer sessions.

While every player should enjoy playing soccer, that doesn't mean every second is time to mess around and play games. If you are truly dedicated to developing as a player technical training is a vital part of your development. iSoccer is a way to challenge yourself, track your progress and give you something to aim for every time you go to technical training.
Q: Does CC United look at iSoccer scores?
CC United incorporates iSoccer into the Competitive Program player evaluation process. Therefore it is important that players are attending iSoccer and engaged in the sessions. The cost of iSoccer software, coaches and training is already included in your summer fees.

This doesn't mean tryouts, coach evaluations and staff evaluations won't be used. iSoccer will be a small part of the equation, but it is an indication of a player's dedication and technical improvement over the past year.